Installing a Seismograph

Here is a quick video showing the steps to establish a basic seismic monitoring station using an SRC seismograph system. In this example no outcropping rock was available in the area, so a metre-deep concrete pier was built (10% above ground) with a farm-gate fence to protect the hut from the livestock on the property. An 80W solar panel was used, with two 85Ah 12V batteries running the recorder and 3G modem. This is sufficient battery power to run this system for over a week without charge, but with a clear exposure to the sky this station will be self-sufficient all year ’round. The station sends one channel (vertical velocity) of data continuously to an eqServer computer at our observatory for display. When an earthquake is detected, data from all six channels (from before and after the trigger time) are automatically sent to the observatory for detailed analysis.