Earthquake Hazard

Lake Edgar FaultEarthquake Hazard Assessments

The SRC undertakes earthquake hazard assessments for design or review of significant structures, such as dams, power stations, nuclear reactors, tailings facilities, oil and gas production and storage facilities, and for pipelines.

We generate probabilistic estimates of ground motion recurrence intervals in terms of velocity, acceleration, intensity, or response spectra. The reports use paleoseismological and local seismic network recorded data into activity rates. We can also provide typical time histories for input into design and modeling of structures.


EchoPro rugged with accelerometerVibration Monitoring

The SRC can undertake short or long term instrumental monitoring of vibrations arising from construction, demolition, compaction, transportation or other sources using our recorders, seismometers, and accelerometers. We have worked on dozens of bridges, dams, historic buildings and private residences, providing valuable input to engineers to evaluate structural response.

We use wide dynamic range instruments capable of recording very small (well below human perception) to very large (2g+ peak ground acceleration) vibrations. Complete capture of triaxial waveforms allows the analysis of magnitude, frequency and temporal variation of vibration.