Customisable Linux SeedLink server

The GeckoLink accessory enables direct-from-site SeedLink streaming using the power of a Raspberry Pi, and provides a web interface for remote data visualisation, remote configuration, and data download. 

Any Gecko can stream 4-channels of continuous data to the GeckoLink computer at up to 500sps, which is then stored in a 64GB removable USB drive as well as being stored on the Gecko’s SD card.

GeckoLink’s web interface enables you to remotely:

  • graphically view live data
  • change settings in connected Gecko recorders
  • download archived data from USB
  • upgrade Gecko firmware

You can connect up to three Gecko recorders via USB, all of which would be remotely accessible through the web interface and SeedLink.

The Raspberry Pi computer has sufficient processing power to allow users to install custom data processing routines that do not interrupt the base Gecko data reception, web services, and IRIS ring server routines.

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