Thailand Broadband Seismographs

Kelunji seismographs are used in Thailand for monitoring earthquakes for the local government geological department.

Thailand Kelunji trainingAn initial pool of portable instruments was acquired using Kelunji Echo recorders and short period seismometers, to be used as microseismic arrays at various locations around the country. An eqServer system was also installed at head office to allow data to be streamed back if remote communications were available. The SRC provided local staff with training in instrument operation and maintenance, as well as the basics of data analysis using eqWave and eqFocus.

A later stage to the project involved the establishment of several permanent seismic stations using Kelunji seismomographs. Data is telemetered to head office using VSAT and is fed into their main network data collection system using a plug-in that converts the Kelunji EchoPro PC-SUDS format into MiniSEED archives.