Portable and Professional Seismographs & Accelerographs

If you need to monitor vibrations from civil construction or blasting, or record earthquakes for educational or professional applications, or record the dynamic motion of a structure such as a building or a dam, there is something in the Gecko range of seismographs and accelereographs to suit your needs.

Starting with our Gecko Compact data logger, you can connect any make and model of velocity or acceleration sensor and be assured that you’ll be continuously recording all of its signal at high resolution. Whether it’s a low cost geophone or a global earthquake detection broadband seismometer, the Gecko is compatible with all common seismic sensors. With a built-in user interface, the Gecko is easy enough for anyone to use. Prices start as low as USD $2500 for this 3+1 channel data logger.

If you don’t have your own sensor and you need an integrated solution, our Gecko Blast, Gecko Force, and Gecko SMA are the affordable portable solutions for monitoring vibrations in moderate-level noise environments. Blast and Force are more sensitive and record ground velocity, whereas the SMA records ground acceleration allowing you to record up to ±2g, ±5, or ±10g peak motions. Pricing starts from around USD $4500 for a triaxial sensor, which includes a 1-channel input for an external sensor (e.g. air pressure microphone for blast monitoring).

For the more research-focussed seismologist or engineer, our professional range of portable digital sensors will reveal a much higher level of detail of motion. The Gecko Tremor is focused on local earthquakes where most velocity energy is in the 2Hz and above frequency range. The Gecko SMA-HR, as the name suggests, is a higher resolution strong motion accelerograph designed for engineering analysis for structures. The Gecko Prism seismograph designed to record regional and global earthquakes with linear frequency response is various bands: 0.1Hz (10s) to 150Hz in the Prism-SP, to 40s to 90Hz (Prism-MP) or 120s to 60Hz (Prism-LP). All Gecko Pro models share the same beautiful, compact, portable and user friendly package, and now also include an extra 1D sensor input – perfect for a rotation or infrasound sensor. Prices start at around USD $7000.

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Supporting Education & Research

If your organisation is a non-profit, government or educational research group, contact us for special pricing on our hardware products.

Our supporting software products for data acquisition and analysis are freely available for download to anyone, so grab Waves or Streams today to start viewing and analysing your earthquake and other vibration data.