Streams – Realtime Display

Display and archive realtime seismic data on your computer. Designed to remotely control and receive data and Gecko seismographs, Streams can also subscribe to SeedLink server data feeds and accept MiniSEED and PC-SUDS data format files via FTP. Download free for Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, and Raspberry Pi OS.





Streams can colour code the displayed seismic data channel as a -WARNING- or -ALERT- based on the signal level. You can set these alarm levels in velocity (mm/s) and acceleration (mm/s² or g). You can also set the amplitude of the display to a fixed level of acceleration or velocity, which will also show colour bands for your alarm levels.

Time scale buttons in the toolbar allow you to set the time display, from the last minute up to the last 60 minutes, and if the onscreen data particularly interesting you can simply tap the Waves button to immediately start a detailed analysis.

Each channel shows the peak amplitude for the on-screen data, and the estimated MMI or PEIS earthquake intensity for acceleration data. Other controls in the coloured channel box allow you to modify that Gecko’s settings, hide or filter a channel, or request data from the SD card of the Gecko.

To save on upload bandwidth from your Gecko site, you can choose to stream a single channel of data from a Gecko, and as long as you are storing the other channels to the SD card of the Gecko, Streams will be able to retrieve them on demand. This can be initiated by the user, or automatically by Streams when it receives a trigger signal from the Gecko.