Streams – Realtime Display

Display and archive live earthquake data on your own personal computer! Subscribe to data feeds from hundreds of global seismic stations and any other SeedLink servers (including many popular seismographs), or feed Streams data files via FTP.

Streams can do so much more when used with Gecko seismographs, with integrated recorder control and configuration, and broadcast streaming for event association and notifications. Download free for Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, and Raspberry Pi OS.
(The macOS version may be “damaged” after download on newer Macs – we’re working on it).





Streams can colour code the displayed seismic data channel as a -WARNING- or -ALERT- based on the signal level. You can set these alarm levels in velocity (mm/s) and acceleration (mm/s² or g). You can also set the amplitude of the display to a fixed level of acceleration or velocity, which will also show colour bands for your alarm levels.

Time scale buttons in the toolbar allow you display the last 1, 2, 5, 15 or 60 minutes on screen, and if the displayed data is particularly interesting you can simply tap the Waves button to pop up a data analysis window.

Each channel shows the peak amplitude for the on-screen data, and the estimated MMI or PEIS earthquake intensity for acceleration data. Other controls in the coloured channel box allow you to modify that Gecko’s settings, hide or filter a channel, or request older data from the SD card of a Gecko seismograph. The optional web server allows to to remotely view live data or a summary of your station status using a web browser.

Streams will now immediately request data from all connected Gecko recorders when any remote station detects an earthquake, meaning you get data from all stations quickly and automatically, even if they are not normally streaming data continuously.