3D Earthquake Fault Plane Visualisation

A new feature in eqServer is the ability to plot your earthquakes in Google Earth and play them back over time. Because Google Earth doesn’t show sub-surface data, our latest enhancement allows you to offset the earthquakes into the sky to see their relative position in 3D space.

eqServer is a seismograph network data management system that is hosted on a Linux server on your network or on a cloud platform, and is remotely installed and updated by our software engineering team. eqServer is installed at no cost to operators of Gecko seismic recording networks, but is also for free available to educational and research institutions to acquire real time data from publicly available SeedLink data aggregators such as IRIS and Geoscience Australia.

Contact us for more information about how the SRC can use our experience to help you to effectively operate your earthquake observatory with our user-friendly hardware and software systems.