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EQ map Victoria

2019 March 10 @ 3:25am AEST, Mt Perserverance QLD Magnitude 3.0
This earthquake occurred near Mt Perserverance, approximately 15 kilometres northwest of Gatton, approximately 85 kilometres west of Brisbane, QLD.

2019 February 25 @ 8:13am AEDT, NW of Swansea TAS Magnitude 2.9
This earthquake occurred on the east coast of Tasmania, approximately 8 kilometres west of Swansea, approximately 100 kilometres northeast of Hobart, TAS. This event has been felt by people in the surrounding area.

2019 February 22 @ 4:49am ACDT, Lake Blanche SA Magnitude 2.6
This earthquake occurred near Lake Blanche, approximately 135 kilometres west of Cameron Corner, approximately 400 kilometres northeast of Port Augusta, SA.

2019 February 18 @ 10:57am ACDT, NW of Cleve SA Magnitude 3.1
This earthquake occurred approximately 13 kilometres northwest of Cleve, approximately 250 kilometres northwest of Adelaide, SA.

2019 February 16 @ 2:57am AEDT, NW of Temora NSW Magnitude 2.7
This earthquake occurred approximately 20 kilometres northwest of Temora, NSW, approximately 190 kilometres northwest of Canberra, ACT. A magnitude 1.7 foreshock was recorded an hour and a half earlier.

2019 February 13 @ 12:53am AEDT, Aberfeldy VIC Magnitude 2.9
This earthquake occurred near Thomson Dam, approximately 6 kilometres southeast of Aberfeldy, approximately 125 kilometres east of Melbourne, VIC. A magnitude 1.8 aftershock was recorded just 7 minutes later.

2019 January 27 @ 10:30am ACDT, SW of Snowtown SA Magnitude 2.7
This earthquake occurred near Barunga Gap, between the Barunga and Hummocks ranges, approximately 10 kilometres southwest of Snowtown, approximately 130 kilometres north of Adelaide, SA.

2019 January 18 @ 10:05am AEDT, Sutton NSW Magnitude 3.0
This earthquake occurred approximately 3 kilometres west of Sutton, NSW, approximately 15 kilometres north of Canberra, ACT. This event has been felt in the surrounding area. A magnitude 1.7 aftershock was recorded just over 10 minutes later.

2019 January 12 @ 10:15am AEDT, Off Phillip Island VIC Magnitude 2.7
This earthquake occurred offshore of Phillip Island, approximately 3 kilometres west of Cowes, approximately 70 kilometres south of Melbourne, VIC. This event has been felt in the surrounding area, particularly on Phillip Island.

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