An Earthquake Observatory in a Box

eqServer2015With the complete user interface through your web browser, setting up a seismic observatory using eqServer has never been easier. Simply set your seismographs to send in continuous and/or triggered data (or get eqServer to subscribe to a SeedLink data server feed), and eqServer will display realtime waveforms in your browser, store data to the archive and database, track the health of your network, automatically locate events and send you notifications, and compile earthquakes for Quick Quake for you to play with. You can define your own network maps and subnetworks, and the new auto-scaling graphic user interface utilises your full web browser window.

Available as a Network device or Cloud-hosted service

The SRC uses eqServer ourselves to provide earthquake alerts to our stakeholders, and eqServer is used in other seismic observatories in Australia and around the world. eqServer is available as a once-off purchase for a pre-configured network device that sits on your LAN, which is then accessed via web browsers on your network. Remote access to the device by the SRC is required for support and updates.

eqServer is now also available as a cloud-hosted service, with a once-off setup fee and a monthly access fee, where the SRC takes care of all of the hardware and software maintenance and ongoing support, leaving you free to concentrate on data analysis.

For detailed information about eqServer’s features, download the user manual, or download the flyer for an overview.

Now featuring MiniSEED data ingestion

eqServer can now subscribe to any open SeedLink data source on the Internet, so you don’t even need to have your own seismographs to run an observatory! Simply enter the address of the Seedlink server, select the stations and channels you want, and the data starts streaming in. You can then display data from dozens of stations continuously on a big screen while it gets stored away in your own data archive, set up triggering to automatically detect and locate earthquakes (and review them with Quick Quake), easily access any data from your local archive – all from the comfort of your web browser. Here’s an video overview of the latest eqServer features: