Gecko-iPhone6The SRC has been involved in the development of seismographs since 1977. Our latest design is the range of Kelunji Gecko seismographs and accelerographs.

As seismologists who run our own observatory, we have worked with engineering teams to create the seismographs we want to use, with the priority being simplicity, usability, and reliability. The Gecko is the product of this philosophy – it is the simplest a seismograph can be. It’s compact, uses a tiny amount of power, records continuously to removable SD card flash memory, and with its built-in LCD and keypad doesn’t require a laptop to set up. You can even telemeter data simply via Ethernet or cellular network adaptors.

A number of variants of the Gecko have been developed, including versions that are waterproof and have integrated accelerometers. Head over to the ESS Earth Sciences seismic product page for more information.