New eqServer features for 2015

2015 sees a huge update to eqServer, with new features including:

  • support for MiniSEED format data
  • subscribing to data feeds from SeedLink servers
  • user defined network maps using NASA imagery
  • subnetworks within your main network
  • station performance graphs
  • home page graphics and waveform images that adapt to your web browser size
  • ….and many more minor tweaks to improve the user interface and experience!

For less than the cost of a single seismograph station you can now have your own earthquake observatory without running any seismographs of your own! Just connect to a public SeedLink server like those run by IRIS or Geoscience Australia, subscribe to a data feed, then start running your own data analysis process. eqWave is included free with every eqServer so that you can analyse waveform data in more detail, and eqFocus is available at a special price for eqServer users.

eqServer is available as a preconfigured network appliance that is accessed via your LAN using your web browser, and eqServer is now also available as a cloud-hosted service with a once-off setup fee and a monthly access fee. All new installations of eqServer allow data access via our free Quick Quake iPad app for fun and rapid earthquake location/magnitude determination.