Analogue Earthquake & Vibration Sensors

Analogue Earthquake & Vibration Sensors from seismology research centre australia

For a number of years we have been integrating different types of sensors with our recorders to make all-in-one seismographs and accelerographs. Sometimes it is more convenient to have a sensor located in a different location to your recorder, so we are now offering split systems with a range of…

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Choosing an Earthquake Sensor

Choosing an earthquake sensor is not straightforward. With so many accelerometers, seismographs, dataloggers, and velocity sensors it is easy to get confused and chose one that doesn’t meet your demands.  Seismology Research Centre has been supplying the Gecko range of seismographs for many years, they have proven themselves time and…

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Customisable Linux SeedLink server


The GeckoLink accessory enables direct-from-site SeedLink streaming using the power of a Raspberry Pi, and introduces a web interface for remote data visualisation, remote configuration, and data management. 

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What happens when you take an accelerograph to record laps around a race track? You get lots of data to plot and analyse, and have lots of fun!

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