Weekly Earthquake Activity Maps

Starting today the SRC will be publishing a weekly earthquake activity map for southeastern Australia on our social media platforms. Each map show earthquakes that we have detected and located in the week leading up to midnight on Sunday, Universal Time (10am Monday, Australia Eastern Standard Time).

The network of seismographs that we monitor are not uniformly spaced over this area, so although there may appear to be regions with few historic earthquakes (the 25,000 small grey dots) doesn’t necessarily mean that they haven’t occurred – they were just too small to be detected. We detect most magnitude 1 and larger events throughout Tasmania, Victoria, southeastern NSW and SA, but we can only detect larger earthquakes in northern and western NSW, and to a lower level of accuracy.

Our first published map for 2019 week 35 (7 days to 1 September) is shown here. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to see the weekly images. Our Twitter feed also appears on our Earthquakes page.