Kelunji Gecko

Gecko-iPhone6Our 7th generation seismic recorder made its first public outing at the AGU Fall Meeting in December 2013 in San Francisco. With a tiny footprint and equally tiny power consumption, the Gecko continues the Kelunji tradition of being the simplest to use seismic recorder on the market. Connect a sensor, GPS aerial and DC power, and you’re away.

All setup is done using a user-friendly LCD menu, with a minimum number of settings to worry about. Select a sample rate (40sps to 4000sps), tell it what kind of sensor you have connected, then start continuous recording. Data is stored in miniSEED files on an SD card, and we even have a basic data telemetry option to get your data to a remote computer or eqServer.

The Kelunji Gecko is manufactured by our parent company, ESS Earth Sciences, where you can discover more information on the Gecko mini site.