Kelunji EchoPro

EchoPro rugged caseThe sixth generation seismic recorder that the SRC was involved in designing is the Kelunji EchoPro, which offers great value for applications where you need 6 to 12 channels of recording, require Ethernet connectivity as standard, and where 3W of power consumption is acceptable.

It is available in a low profile case with or without LCD and keypad; or for outdoor applications the EchoPro is available in a taller rugged case (left) with internal LCD, keypad, internal GPS and internal battery pack that can run the system continuous for more than 24 hours. The rugged case is commonly used in close range blasting where the lid can be closed to protect the USB storage, LCD screen and GPS aerial from debris while recording at up to 2000 samples per second on 6 channels.

The Kelunji EchoPro is manufactured by our parent company, ESS Earth Sciences, where you can discover more information on the EchoPro product page.