Gecko SMA launches at PCEE

The Strong Motion Accelerograph (SMA) version of the Gecko seismograph debuted at the 10th Pacific Conference on Earthquake Engineering in Sydney on 6-8 November 2015.

Designed by SRC seismologists and built by engineering team at ESS, the Gecko SMA is ideal for structural monitoring and rapid deployment for aftershock monitoring. The Gecko SMA (and higher resolution Gecko SMA-HR) are the simplest-to-use seismographs available today. Simply anchor a threaded post in rock or concrete, drop on the Gecko SMA and screw on a locking nut, then power it with a 12V battery and your data is continuously recorded to a removable SD memory card. With a 12-month ring-buffer of continuous data storage as standard*, this is a set-and-forget instrument.

GeckoSMAThe various configurations of Gecko SMA will enable you to record signals as small a ±0.000001g and as large a ±5g, with linear high frequency response available up to 600Hz.

See here for more information on the product.

*16GB SD card storage included. Estimate based on 100sps recording of 3-channels in miniSEED format data in a seismically quiet location.