Older Quakes

2005 December 22, Off Beachport, SA, ML 3.7
1353 UTC, 139.77°E, 37.91°S, normal depth [MEL]
(Friday, December 23, 00:23 am ACDT)
This earthquake was 52 km southwest of Beachport, and 350 km south of Adelaide. It was probably too far off shore to be felt.

2005 October 31, Lithgow, NSW, ML 3.4
1813 UTC, 150.15°E, 33.61°S, 8 km deep [MEL]
(Tuesday, November 1, 05:13 am AEDT)
This earthquake was 13 km south of Lithgow, and 105 km west of Sydney. It was felt in the Katoomba area.

2005 September 6, Off Fraser Island, Qld, ML 2.6
1501 UTC, 154.55°E, 24.64°S, Normal depth [QLD]
(Wednesday, September 7, 01:01 am AEST)
This earthquake was in the Pacific Ocean, northeast of Fraser Island, and 245 km east of Bundaberg.

2005 September 5, Texas, Qld, ML 2.9
1108 UTC, 151.15°E, 28.84°S, Shallow depth [QLD]
(Monday, September 5, 09:08 pm AEST)
This earthquake was near Texas in southern Queensland, just north of the Queensland-NSW border, and 240 km southwest of Brisbane.

2005 September 4, Mungindi, NSW, ML 2.7
1127 UTC, 148.46°E, 29.00°S, Normal depth [QLD]
(Sunday, September 4, 09:27 pm AEST)
This earthquake was 52 km west of Mungindi in northern NSW, just south of the Queensland border, and 480 km west of Brisbane.

2005 September 3, Boorowa, NSW, ML 4.1
2305 UTC, 148.66°E, 34.35°S, Normal depth [MEL]
(Sunday, September 4, 09:05 am AEST)
This earthquake occurred north of Boorowa, about 34 km east of Young.

2005 July 30, Thallon, Qld, ML 2.8
1656 UTC, 148.61°E, 28.54°S, Normal depth [MEL]
(Sunday, July 31, 00:56 am AEST)
This earthquake occurred in southern Queensland between Thallon and Dirranbandi, south of St George.

2005 July 4, Boorowa, NSW, ML 2.8
2021 UTC, 148.64°E, 34.47°S, Shallow depth [MEL]
(Tuesday, July 5, 06:21 am AEST)
This earthquake was about 8 km southwest of Boorowa, and 104 km north of Canberra.

2005 April 20, Yarram, Vic, ML 3.2
2153 UTC, 146.55°E, 38.52°S, Normal depth [MEL]
(Thursday, April 21, 07:53 am AEST)
This earthquake occurred about 14 km west of Yarram, or about 150 km southeast of Melbourne. The earthquake was felt in the epicentral area, and may have been felt to a distance of about 20km from the epicentre.

2005 April 1, Queenstown, Tas, ML 2.8
1920 UTC, 145.5°E, 42.1°S, Normal depth [MEL]
(Saturday, April 2, 05:20 am AEST)
This earthquake occurred at Queenstown in western Tasmania, about 170 km northwest of Hobart.

2005 March 7, West of Kingaroy, Qld, ML 3.6
1622 UTC, 151.4°E, 26.5°S, Shallow depth [MEL]
(Tuesday, March 8, 02:22 am AEST)
This earthquake occurred about 44 km west of Kingaroy, and 74 km north of Dalby in southern Queensland, about 190 km northwest of Brisbane.

2005 February 1, Toolern Vale , Vic
1607 UTC, 144.6°E, 37.6°S, lightning strike [MEL]
(Wednesday, February 2 03:07 am AEDT)
A loud noise was heard and shaking was felt throughout the Melbourne area in the early hours of the morning, waking many people. Although the noise and shaking was like that from a local earthquake, no earthquake was recorded at this time. However, ground shaking that had been caused by thunder after a lightning strike was recorded on five seismographs about Melbourne. Using the speed of sound in air, the lightning strike was located near Toolern Vale, a few kilometres north of Melton, at local time 0306 58 seconds. The sound waves took over four minutes to travel 86 kilometres from Toolern Vale, over Port Phillip Bay, to shake a seismograph near Rosebud. A power pole and transformer were destroyed by the lightning strike at Toolern Vale at this time.

2005 February 1, Pittsworth, Qld, ML 2.6
0827 UTC, 151.8°E, 27.9°S, Normal depth [MEL]
(Tuesday, February 1 06:27 pm AEST)
This earthquake occurred near Pittsworth in southern Queensland, southwest of Toowoomba and about 130 km WSW of Brisbane.

2005 January 28, Moe, ML 2.5
0124 UTC, 146.4°E, 38.1°S, Normal depth [MEL]
(Friday, January 28 12:24 pm AEDT)
This earthquake occurred about 12km northeast of Moe in the Latrobe Valley. The earthquake was felt near the Yallourn mine.

2005 January 18, West Wyalong, ML 3.1
1009 UTC, 147.3°E, 33.7°S, Normal depth [MEL]
(Tuesday, January 18 09:09 pm AEDT)
This earthquake occurred about 30km north of West Wyalong in central NSW. The earthquake was felt in West Wyalong.

2005 January 14, Bass Strait, ML 3.1
0046 UTC, 144.4°E, 39.7°S, Normal depth [MEL]
(Friday, January 14 11:46 am AEDT)
This earthquake occurred about 40km east of King Island in Bass Strait, between Victoria and Tasmania.

2005 January 5, Off Sunshine Coast, Qld, ML 3.6
0831 UTC, 153.4°E, 26.1°S, Normal depth [MEL]
(Wednesday, January 5 06:31 pm AEST)
This earthquake occurred off the Sunshine Coast in southeastern Queensland, northeast of Noosa.