Largest Australian Earthquake in Two Decades

In the early hours of Saturday the 21st of May 2016, the largest earthquake in almost 20 years struck central Australia, about 125km west of Uluru. This magnitude 6.1 earthquake was recorded at our seismic stations all over Australia

Gecko SMA launches at PCEE

The Strong Motion Accelerograph (SMA) version of the Gecko seismograph debuted at the 10th Pacific Conference on Earthquake Engineering in Sydney on 6-8 November 2015. Designed by SRC seismologists and built by engineering team at ESS, the Gecko SMA is ideal for structural monitoring and rapid …

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Recent Earthquake Activity in SE Qld

Two locations in southeast Queensland have experienced some significant earthquake activity in recent months. In February a magnitude 5.2 earthquake struck just northwest of Mount Perry. Over forty aftershocks were recorded in the next 24 hours and these were still being …

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Setting up an Earthquake Monitoring Network

Seismologist Adam Pascale explains everything you need to know about designing, installing and operating a local earthquake monitoring network.   So, you want to install a network of instruments to monitor earthquake activity in a particular area. It is recommended that any seismic …

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Earthquake Hazard Assessments

The very first hazard report prepared by the SRC was in 1977 for Dandenong Natural Gas Tank in Victoria. This study was commissioned prior to construction of the tank, so earthquake loading was considered as a factor in its engineering. The tank has …

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